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Enzo Montana Is The Owner And Founder Of Glow My Biz, An Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency Based In Atlanta Ga. Having Visited Over 19 Countries, Lived In 4 Different Countries, And Worked As An Online Marketing Manager For 8+ Years And SEO Specialist For Over 10 Years Now. When Enzo Isn’t Working, He Can Be Found Out In Nature Hiking, Meditating, Or Reading A Good Book. He Is Most Passionate About Creating Custom Marketing Strategies That Can Majorly Benefit Companies That Focus On Growth.

Throughout my career, i have achieved some of the following:


Rising Star - B2B Marketing


Google Analytics Qualified


Google AdWords Qualifed

Service & Solutions Including:

Local Search Strategy

Set up clients with every local directory and other Google trusted sites to add local credibility and make sure that you rank highest when people in your area make specific searches.

On-Page SEO

Together we will also sit down and analyze each page and make the necessary changes to help increase your rankings. From site layout to content placement, I will make recommendations on all main landing pages. I will make sure all titles, meta descriptions, internal links, and any other page issues are addressed at this time.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is important because not only does it give us an idea of what we want to rank for, but it also gives us an idea of what your competition is trying to rank for as well. I keep your competition and clients in mind when researching and come up with keywords that fit your website based on keyword volume.

Link Building

Though white-hat link building can take a month to years to master, the process of building a strong link profile with relevant bloggers, customers, and even similar businesses is super important. High-quality links and outside sources will help you reach your goals.

Social Media Coaching

Many people don’t realize that social media marketing plays a significant role. I can provide you with services on how to effectively use Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and other social media channels.

Paid Search Advertising

Depending on what your goals and strategies are, I can provide you with Google AdWords, Facebook / Instagram lead generation to drive sales and traffic to your business.

Digital Marketing Coaching

Online coaching is a cost-effective way to learn about Digital Marketing from me. It saves you time and money executing your Marketing strategy. Weekly meetings with me is done via share screen zoom.

Website Audit

A site audit is so necessary to give us an accurate assessment of what needs correcting on your site. This usually becomes a checklist of things to fix, as a site audit looks at website configuration, overall navigation, existing backlinks, broken links, and more. This is a good place to start to analyze any technical issues.